VAXXIT Srl. is a Rome, Italy, based company. Its mission is to advance vaccine research for unmet medical needs.

Unmet medical needs today are infections by a variety of pathogens, which include, among others:

  • Highly variable viruses that escape immune responses, cause chronic disease, and for which current therapies do not provide a definitive solution (hepatitis C, AIDS);
  • Mycobacteria (tuberculosis);
  • Parassites that require multistage immune responses (malaria);
  • Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (cold sores) and 2 (genital herpes);
  • And new pathogens with pandemic potential such as influenza

Our business model is to acquire rights to promising technologies, develop them to proof-of-concept in humans in collaboration with public research bodies, and then establish strategic partnerships with investors and/or large vaccine companies for further clinical development, manufacturing and marketing, worldwide.

Our current mission is to raise funds for further clinical development and premarketing activities of TatImmuneTM, a therapeutic HIV vaccine that has successfully completed a phase II clinical study in 168 patients in Italy and is currently being tested in a phase II clinical study in South Africa.

Up to now, funding for TatImmuneTM development has been raised from the public sector and will be sufficient to complete the phase II in South Africa. Beyond this point, funding for phase III clinical studies in S.Africa and Europe, and for registration and premarketing activities are not within the public sector's financial reach and will have to be raised from the private sector. This is the strategic reason for which VAXXIT has been created.

VAXXIT's immediate goal is to take TatImmuneTM to market by deploying all needed business development efforts to attract capital from the private sector, financial and/or industrial.

Part of the funds being raised will be devoted to advance clinical development of PreVaxTatTM, a vaccine candidate based on the combination of the two HIV antigens Tat and Env, now in preventative phase I clinical testing in Italy, as well as to advance pre-clinical studies of a promising HSV vaccine.